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here the first FREE DEMO* of one of the game i'm coding : SCAFFOLDEDGE
it's about building floating structures with a drone! Fun! hope you will enjoy it !
#videogame #dev #raw #experimental #sdx #flying
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* it's a a demo so no sounds, maybe some buggs, not possible to load/save...patience!!!

ps: i'm preparing a crowfunding, full version will have multiplayer, battle royale, tower defense, lua scripting for real time modding or make scenarii, better construction elements with editor, drone crafting/tuning,   .vox  import/export , and more!!!


keyboard/gamepad/mouse // FUN STUFF! play in COOP, one to pilot with a keyboard/gamepad and another friend with the mouse to build!!!





LT : boost up

RT : boost down

left stick to move around

right stick to boost

right stick button : DE-ACTIVATE LASER


ESC: exit

arrows : move around

shift: boost UP

ctrl : boost DOWN

PAD + : boost up

PAD - : boost down

PAD * : boost RIGHT

PAD /: boost LEFT


to target objects

left click : BUILD

middle click : DE-ACTIVATE LASER

right click : DESTROY

Download demo

Scaffoldedge_Windows_DEMO.zip 428 MB

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